Fair trade is an alternative approach to conventional international trade that aims to share the benefits of trade more equally between consumers, producers and the environment. Fairtrade certification is a process that guarantees workers are paid a fair wage, use of forced labour and abusive child labour is prohibited and a social premium is given to the community to invest in local development.

fairtrade association logoFairtrade encourages environmental sustainable farming and production practices, ethical trading partnerships, equality in international trade, securing the rights of producers and workers and contributing to sustainable development. Fairtrade works by setting a minimum price for a product, which is at a level which ensures costs are covered. In addition to this base price, purchasers pay a premium which is invested directly back into the community from which the product is sourced. This money goes towards education, healthcare, farming improvements etc.

3fold became a Fairtrade certified workplace several years ago, as part of our commitment to fair and ethical business practices. We use Fairtrade products in our office and seek to promote Fairtrade within the company. For more information on Fairtrade, visit www.fta.org.au